Client Testimonials

Our customers range from small businesses to national organizations, from families to individuals. Our customers care about their water quality and how it affects health and well being.

Our Customers are in fact our best advertising. They say it all...

"This is a testament to the fantastic service we received from the whole team at Spectacular Water Systems. When faced with a distressing situation with our water quality, we placed but one phone call to this company and received immediate and courteous service. Within 24 hours, Peter was at our door, reassuring us that the problems could be fixed. In less than a week, our new ultraviolet system was installed and our peace of mind restored. We would recommend this company to anyone considering a purifying system for their home. The professional service and the unmatched follow-up from Peter and his team is a rare find these days. Again, without question or hesitation, we would highly recommend Spectacular Water Systems."

Scott Davis and Johanna Bedard
Cobourg, Ontario

"Spectacular Water Systems installed a sediment filter, softener, UV unit, and R/O unit that is truely spectacular and very efficient using very little energy or consumables. Needless to say we were very impressed

Garnet McPherson
President Canadian Natural Health Association

"I had fallen ill in my early thirties, and, I learned a great deal about the importance of clean air, whole unadulterated foods and most importantly about the big impact clean water has on the functioning of the human physiology. Our children were suffering from a variety of allergies, which forced us to eliminate a great many foods from their diet, as well as juices, which seemed to be loaded with additives, artificial colours and sugars. All of which we were planning on doing without. We knew we had to make some serious changes in our life.

We knew a healthy lifestyle was critical to all our well being. In fact one of the reasons to move to Northumberland County was for health reasons. After reading about the health concerns of the town water, we were thrilled to have our own water supply right from a well. The water tasted great compared to what we were used to living in a big city. However, before long it became evident that our well water was too hard, as our appliances begun to show signs of mineral build up. Besides that the stories of well contamination due to high e-coli values near agricultural lands caused us great concern and we felt that it was a big priority to invest in a water filtration system.

Thank to SWS, we now have a sediment filter, a water softener, a UV light unit in the basement, which treats our water as it comes into the house, as well as a five-stage reverse osmosis filter under our kitchen sink, which gives us wonderful drinking water.

We all love the water from our home. Now even our children take water bottles wherever they go. Not only has our health improved but also we are more confident in the food and water that we are taking into our bodies. This peace of mind is priceless."

Hildegard Gmeiner
Health & Wellness Coach

"Spectacular Water Systems showed us a water softener that does not use hydro at all. Great stuff SWS! This is one more way we can save energy while improving our quality of life. It is precisely devices like this that will help us meet our Kyoto Accord committments while reducing both environmental costs to our community and financial costs for individuals. Thanks Again"

Peter Roth
Green Planet Foundation

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