Pool Heating

Heating your pool with a solar heating system will:

  • Save you money over the long term with:
    1. Little to no maintenance
    2. No Operating costs
    3. No Greenhouse gases
  • Provide free green energy naturally.
  • Raise pool temperatures 10-15 F.
  • Eliminate 3-10 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.
  • Prolong your swimming season.

Why choose Enersol Solar Products?

  • Canadian made.
  • Family owned business since 1979.
  • Leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of solar pool heating system.
  • Reliable, durable.
  • 18 year extended warranty.
  • Hurricane tested.

How it Works

Before you begin, measure the size of your pool. Multiply the length by the width and divide by 2. This is the minimum square feet of solar required to heat your outdoor pool. The panels come in standard 8' or 10' lengths and should be installed vertically. If your roof or area where the panels are to be located is smaller than 8' or 10' Enersol can provide custom panels. Your pool pump is needed to drive the system and should be a minimum 3/4hp.

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