Pressure Tanks

Is your tank waterlogged? Losing pressure? Pump kicking on too often? It may be time for a new pressure tank. Our Well-X-Trol pressure tanks advanced design features continue to set the industry standards. They come is a variety of sizes to meet most needs.

The welded air valve is permanently attached. No threaded valve here! This method was designed to prevent air pressure loss and minimize stress on the pumping system. Each tank has the thickest heavy duty butyl seamless diaphragm whose design adds strength and reliability. This material is resistant to bacterial growth. The polypropylene liner gives 100% protection from corrosion. When choosing a pressure tank think Well-X-Trol, the industry leader.

How does a Well-X-Trol tank work?

The sealed air chamber is pre-pressurized from the factory. Air and water never mix. When the pump runs, usable water enters the tank. When the pressure in the chamber reaches the cut-out pressure of the pump, the tank is filled and the pumping stops. As water is used, the pressure in the air chamber forces the water into the house lines and water flows to the taps. When the tank is emptied, the pump refills the tank to begin the process again. Each Pro Access Well-X-Trol tank comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

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