Sediment Filters

What it Does:

  • Sediment filters remove rust particles, sand and small silt.
  • They keep sand and particles out of water equipment, softeners, etc. Therefore, no more damage to taps, valves and O-rings in plumbing systems.
  • Particles are removed where bacteria can hide from an ultraviolet light.

Why Use It?

  • For clean drinking water, sediment filters are highly recommended if ultraviolet lamps, water softeners are used, as a complete system.


  • Clear housing so you can see when the filter is dirty.
  • Built in shut-off valve for leak free filter change.
  • Strong heavy-duty structure.
  • Sediment filters come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50-micron sizes.
  • To further address smell or odour, carbon sediment filters can be used in these products or carbon only.
  • The addition of big blue filters for chlorine, taste and smell give complete house filtering.
  • Sediment filters available for 10" deluxe housings 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 as well as 5 &10mciron carbon impregnated. Carbon filters including 10 micron carbon block, coconut carbon, KDF carbon, CBC10, RO plus TDS, and 10" inline carbon filters in stock.
  • Filters available for 10 & 20" Big blue 5, 30, 50 as well as carbon filters.
  • 10" Deluxe Filter Housing with shut-off comes with 2 filters and wrench.
  • 10" Deluxe Filter Housing with shut-off comes with 2 filters and wrench.
  • 10" or 20" Big Blue filter with bracket and pressure relief valve comes with one filter and wrench.

Installation extra-Call for latest pricing


Q:Why do I have low water pressure in my home plumbing system?
A:The filter is clogged, needs changing or the filter shut-off valve is shut off or not in open position.
Q:My filter housing is leaking at the threads, what is causing it?
A:The O-ring is dirty from sand or particles, or the O-ring is stretched or not in place properly.
Q:Why does my filter only last for a couple of days and plugs up quickly?
A:The filter may be too fine, go to a larger micron size; or poor water quality, the foot valve or pump could be too close to the bottom of the well.

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