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Iron and manganese cause similar problems. They are common metallic elements found in the ground. Water percolating through soil and rock can dissolve these minerals and hold them in the water. Where oxygen is low, iron and manganese is clear and colourless, because it is in a dissolved state, however, when exposed to air, iron and manganese are oxidized and change to coloured solids. Oxidized water changes the iron to white, then yellow, then to red-brown. These sediments are responsible for the staining of fixtures, laundry, porcelain, dishes and cutlery. It can also build up in pipe, pressure tanks, water heaters, filters, softeners and if severe enough, plug water pipes.

Iron and manganese can affect the flavour and colour of food and liquids. They can react with the tannins in tea or coffee and some alcoholic drinks producing a black sludge.

When testing for iron, if the newly drawn water lacks any colour and is clear, but after a period of time, black or red particles begin to show, it is deemed to be classed as Ferrous Iron. If the freshly drawn water has a reddish tinge and no particles settle out after time, the iron is classed as ferric.

An associated problem of iron or manganese is iron or manganese bacteria. These are not health threatening but form reddish brown in the case of iron or blackish brown slime in the clean water tank of a toilet. This resulting problem can also clog water systems. In the case of a presence of iron bacteria, a chlorination system may be recommended.

Low levels of ferrous iron may be treated along with hardness through our three lines of water softeners. Depending on the softener rating, each one of the softeners we offer address clear iron to different degrees.

Specialty filters are available in different models to suit most budgets and conditions.

Iron / Sulphur Filters

What it Does:

  • Removes sulphur and iron (manganese)

Why Use It?

  • Automatic Backwashing
  • Very low maintenance
  • No salt needed in most cases
  • No smell or iron staining
  • 3 to 7 year warranty depending on system


  • Chemical and non-chemical
  • Programming ease and options
  • Bypass valve for ease of installation and service
  • Optional metered control

Greensand Filters for Iron/Manganese/Sulphur

  • A greensand filter absorbs moderate levels of dissolved iron, sulphur and manganese.
  • The iron/manganese is oxidized through the addition of a chemical, potassium permanganate.
  • The manganese greensand media is then backwashed periodically and the oxidized iron flushed from the system.
  • Greensand filters are offered in both metered, and digital electrical units.

Chemical Free Iron Filters/Birm Filter

  • A Birm filter oxidizes ferrous iron, sometimes called "clear water" iron, and filters out ferric iron.
  • It is safe and very economical and uses no chemicals.
  • This filter uses the natural oxygen in your water to oxidize the iron, allowing it to be filtered out.
  • The Birm filter then removes all the iron from your water.
  • The system then automatically backwashes itself, washing the iron down the drain.

Multimedia Filters

  • Combines the use of different media to enhance and maximize filtration.
  • Provides high quality filtered water at a faster flow rate.
  • Entire bed of filter is utilized to filter vs. the top end of a standard filter.
  • Turbidity is trapped throughout the multimedia which allows it to hold more solids filtered from water before having to backwash.
  • Can operate for longer periods of time than standard filters before backwashing.
  • Usually contains at least two types of media.
  • Gravel is used to keep smaller media out of the distribution system.

Calcite Filter

  • Used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters.
  • Calcite comes in contact with acidic water, slowly dissolves the calcium carbonate media to raise the pH.
  • Effectively neutralizes the potential corrosion of copper and other metals found in plumbing systems.

Carbon Filter

  • Used for the removal of taste, odor, and color in water.
  • Granulated activated carbon used provides excellent filtration and efficient absorption characteristics.
  • Removes undesirable taste and odor present in chlorinated water leaving water with no objectionable taste.
  • Requires only periodic backwashing of the system and increased water flow.

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