Ultra Violet Systems

Indications for usage:

  • Concerns over the safety of the water source from microorganisms.
  • Bad water tests from local Health Units or Labs.

What it is and does:

  • Ultra violet light is at the invisible, violet end of the spectrum. Ultra violet systems use an intensified form of UV light called UV-C or germicidal UV to disinfect water.
  • Ultraviolet systems kill 99.9% of all bacteria.
  • They are non-chemical, safe and economical.

Why Use It?

  • Beneficial minerals are not removed from your water, and your family is protected from waterborne disease.
  • Produces no wastewater nor adds any chemicals to treat water making it environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to maintain, bulbs need to be changed once a year and sleeves need only periodic cleaning.
  • A prefilter is recommended before any UV system with a 5 micron sediment filter to remove particles from the water to allow maximum effectiveness.


  • Has intensity failure alarm.
  • Has lamp failure alarm.
  • Easy servicing.
  • Based on your flow rate.

SWS is pleased to offer three lines of ultraviolet systems. Each of these systems performs equally well in the disabling of microorganisms. Each of these lines feature different designs, features and warranty terms.

UV Dynamics 8.3

Product Features:

  • Flow rate of 30L/min (8gpm) delivers UV dose of 40mj/cm2.
  • Flow rate of 24L/min (6gpm) delivers UV dose of 30mj/cm2.
  • Activated and polished 304 stainless steel reactor 3.5" x 18".
  • 9000hr long life UV lamp.
  • Microprocessor controlled UV power source with audible and visible lamp failure alarms.
  • Domed quartz sleeve to simplify servicing.
  • New easy-service lamp connector.


  • A seven year pro-rated warranty on the stainless steel disinfection chamber.
  • A one year warranty on UV lamps, sleeves, and sensor.
  • A two warranty on UV power sources.
  • Warranty commences from date of purchase. Proof of purchase required.


Sterilight UV Systems - A Division of Viqua

Product Features:

  • The Silver™ controller displays the remaining lamp life via LED readout displaying the number of days remaining before a lamp change.
  • Has a universal power input from 100-204V/50-60Hz and holds full electrical certification including both CSA & CE certificates.
  • Several different models to choose from, based on pump out.
  • 9000hr long life UV lamp.


  • 10 year limited warranty on the stainless steel chamber.
  • 5 year limited pro-rated warranty on the controller.
  • 1 year limited warranty on the lamp, sleeve, UV sensors.
  • Warranty commences from date of purchase.


Trojan UV Systems - A Division of Viqua

Product Features:

  • Available in standard and NSF 55.
  • High output lamp and compact reactor.
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Audible alarm and display for alarm.
  • Digital count down l timer on some systems with Mute button.


  • 10 year warranty on chamber.
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty for Structural, Hardware and Electrical Components.
  • One year warranty on bulb, sleeve and sensor.


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