Water Softeners

We are pleased to offer 3 types of water softeners to accommodate most budgets. These range from a good (Fleck), better (Clack), best (Kinetico) scenario. All soften water.

What it Does:

  • Water softeners remove iron (ferrous-iron) and hardness (calcium and magnesium)from your water.
  • The softener uses salt or potassium.

What it Does:

  • The softener uses salt or potassium.

Why Use It?

  • Water softeners allow you to use 70 - 80% less detergents.
  • No build up on fixtures and shower doors.
  • No more itchy dry skin and spot free glasses.
  • It also keeps pipes from building up scale and hot water tanks run more efficiently.


  • Demand system regenerates only when capacity used.
  • Uses salt or potassium.
  • User friendly.
  • Can get up flow brining reduced up to 40% less regenerate.
  • Saves time on cleaning faucets and sinks.

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Waterite-Fusion Electronic Water Softener

  • Fully Automatic 1" meter digital valve
  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
  • Monitors salt usage and signals when salt is low
  • Highly efficient saves up to 50% salt when compared to other softeners
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Saves Electricity and water
  • Fully adjustable regeneration times
  • Capacitor back up with two hour power memory
  • Complete with bypass valve for easy installation and service
  • Comes with 5 year limited parts, 10 years on brine and resin tanks, 1 year labour warranty
  • Easy to read digital controls
  • Heavy duty mechanical parts
  • Up to 9 cycles, compared to 6 for the 5600 softener
  • Programmable regeneration time of 60-90 minutes

5600 Fleck Water Softener

  • Economically priced electrical unit
  • Dependable metered unit with easy to read time of day dial
  • 5 year warranty on control valve
  • 10 year warranty on mineral and brine tank
  • 1 year service warranty
  • Simple, easy to operate dial
  • Adjustable salt settings
  • Includes bypass valve
  • Heavey duty mechanical parts
  • Will remove up to 40 grains of "Hardness" and up to 1/5ppm soluble iron
  • Industry standard Econominder control which regenerates only after a preset volume of water has passed through the unit.

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