Well Flush and Chlorination Services

Have you been told your well needs cleaned and/or flushed? Has your water flow been reduced over time? From time to time, well water properties can change and wells accumulate sediment- sand, silt, and rust. When these particles continually clog screens and filters, they create water usage problems which require rehabilitation. With the aid of a water truck service hosting chlorinated water, service technicians will use high flow line to flush the accumulated sediment from the bottom of the well. The Ministry of Health recommend that you test well water at least 3 times per year, with one of the tests occurring in the spring. Should you receive bad readings, your local Health Unit may recommend disinfecting the well by chlorination. For more information on disinfecting wells, please contact the Ministry of Health, your local health unit or by click on the link below:


Details of how much chlorine to add and procedures for disinfection are available at the Health Unit. If you are not comfortable performing the procedures, Spectacular Water is pleased to provide this service with experienced technicians, taking the worry out of performing it correctly.

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