Well Upgrades

If you live outside of a city, your water supply will likely come from a well. There are several types of wells ranging from open holes, dug wells, bored wells and finally drilled wells. Some wells have casing above the ground level, some below. Whatever type of well you may have, it is important to protect the water source from contamination. Ensuring the well is properly capped and sealed is vital to protecting it from outside contamination. If your casing is below the grade level of the ground, it is referred to as a pit well. The Ministry of Environment recommend bringing the well casing of all wells 18" above the grade of land, backfilling the annular space and capping the well with a vermin proof well cap. This will reduce the likelihood of surface water infiltrating the well from the surface. Bringing the pit well up above grade will also reduce the potential costs of any work done on a submersible pump, well itself, foot or check valves, as the pit well is a confined space and requires air quality monitoring, special safety regulations, etc., according to the Ministry of Labour. Spectacular Water offers upgrading service, licensed under the Ministry of Environment. In some areas, upgrading is subsidized under local government programmes in an effort to protect water sources. Check with your local municipality.

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